Frame with moss 23x23cm

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Frame with moss 23x23cm

Kolor mchu
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Box dimensions 23x23cm filled with moss in different colors. This original gadget that will enliven any room and will attract the eyes of visitors. Well it presentsitself as both a picture on the wall as decoration and our furniture.

Available colors of moss: spring green, moss green, medium green, light green grass, lavender blue, red, pink, yellow, natural, pacific green, cyclamen, grass green, classic blue, lime, azur blue

Frame color: white / black


- is a great way to connect with nature

- it has a big impact on well-being

- moss acts as a natural air filter, absorbing impurities such as dust

- a living ,, frame "constituting a natural accent animates modern room

- moss naturally regulates humidity

- moss does not require irrigation or crop does not need access to sunlight

- s tandardowa humidity of about 30% makes for many years mosses are soft to the touch. The impregnated growth is a natural product that is hygroscopic, which makes moss absorbs and removes excess moisture located in the vicinity

- performs the passive air filtration

- the product is totally organic and hypoallergenic, which means that it does not lead to allergic reactions

- is not deposited on the moss dust

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