Frame with moss 27x50cm

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Frame with moss 27x50cm

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Frame with moss 27x50 filling in various colors with or without butterflies. This is an original gadget that will enliven any room and attract the eyes of visitors. It will look great both as a picture on the wall and as a decoration of our furniture.

Frame dimensions: 27x50cm

The frame is available in white and black

Available moss colors: spring green, moss green, medium green, light green grass, lavender blue, red, pink, yellow, natural, pacific green, cyclamen


- is a great way to connect with nature

- has a great impact on your well-being

- the moss works like a natural air filter, absorbing dirt such as dust

- is a "living frame" that is a natural accent that enlivens a modern room

- moss regulates air humidity in a natural way

- the moss does not require sprinkling or trimming, it does not need sunlight

- standard humidity of around 30% makes the mosses feel soft to the touch for many years. Impregnated lichen is a product with natural hygroscopicity, which means that the moss absorbs and then removes excess moisture in the environment

- also performs passive air filtration

- it is a completely organic and hypoallergenic product, which means that it does not lead to an allergic reaction

- no dust deposits on the moss

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